Arumdari by Helen’s Catering

03 July 2019 / By metamorphosys


Arumdari by Helen's Catering


Arumdari established as a subsidiary of Helen’s Catering, strives to provide a friendly client-oriented catering service. With almost a decade’s experience in catering events, Arumdari has what it takes to deliver the success of our clients’ events and impressing our guests with our food and services.


In 2018, Metamorphosys got a chance to work with Arumdari’s for their branding. This logo is the reflection of their own vision and mission which is “flexibility”.


Arumdari’s logo is “H” letter which transforms to “A” letter. This logo uses a flexible form to represent Arumdari’s service, the shape and the color used on the logo is a representation of their aim to serve their customer better.

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