Bank Mayora

17 December 2019 / By metamorphosys


Bank Mayora


Bank Mayora is a national company focusing in banking. Bank Mayora was founded on July 28, 1993. Bank Mayora on the way of their business, experienced tidal cycle processes that reinforce their existence in the Indonesian Banking World. Bank Mayora expands branch networks from year to year, and by 2017 Bank Mayora has established 42 branch offices.


In 2019, Bank Mayora took the initiative to participate in protecting the environment through the Go Green program.


Do not stop there, Go Green also became a theme in the development and design of the Mayora 2020 calendar which was carried out by Metamorphosys Studio. In addition to the calendar, Metamorphosys Studio is also trusted to design Bank Mayora’s agenda by using black and red, in accordance with the colors used by Bank Mayora.

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