PT TTS Abadi

10 June 2019 / By metamorphosys


PT TTS Abadi


Zhang Chang Sheng Firm (PD. Jaya Abadi / TTS) is a canned food importer company. TTS provides a variety of high-quality canned foods at affordable prices. The company was founded in 1906 in Chinatown, Jakarta. Now, PT TTS Abadi is run by the 4th generation.


After a long time in the field of F & B impotir, this business group expanded its business by establishing a sub company, PT TTS Abadi. PT TTS Abadi positions itself as a producer of homemade canned food. Therefore, PT TTS requires attractive visuals to support brand performance and provide touch points to the targeted market.


We are entrusted to redesign the company logo’s visual and apply it to stationery. The keywords applied to the branding of TTS are Authentic, Fresh, and Healthy.

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